Marilyn Goldberg and Museum Masters has been selected as COVER STORY of Hampton Fine Art "Art Hampton" 2010. See full story on "news". Her Story on The Art Of Living Villa Marilyn her headquarters has been selected as Hampton's Cover Story July 2012 recognizing the major International Achievement of Miss Goldberg's design talents and her ART of Living! Her models are used for developments worldwide, in hotels, cruise ships, home, hotels, galleries and museums. Venues and Exhibitions: Lempicka Exhibitions started in China and continued to Europe to the United States and the biggest exhibition was in the United Kingdom at the Royal Academy of Arts. In addition to Sid Maurer Celebrity Icons exhibition in Grenada, Spain. Andy Warhol Exhibitions: Stockholm Moderna Musett, Brooklyn Museum, Gagosian Museum and the Moma. Keith Haring Exhibition: Shanghai and Munich in collaboration with BMW. Picasso Exhibitions: Mitsukoshi Department Store Museum. Bob Marley Exhibition: MariHube. Dali Exhibitions: New Zealand, Paris, Beijing, Singapore, and Barcelona. John Lennon Exhibitions: London, Germany, and the United States. Peter Max Exhibition: Garrett Stevens Gallery in United States.