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Museum Masters 2016 exhibition for Tamara de Lempicka shall be in Seoul Korea, following Torino, Italy (2015) and Pinacothèque de Paris (2013.) Additionally Museum Masters is proud to announce it’s 2015 exhibit of Kevin Kelly at Breitling Showrooms NYC.Exhibition Sid Maurer for Penthouse in June 2015 in Cannes France!

Museum Masters International’s first exhibitions and merchandising venues originated in Japan with offices in Tokyo and Nagoya including the original collection of Marina Picasso, Pablo Picasso's granddaughter, who inherited a major amount of Pablo's archives. Marilyn Goldberg, President of MMI is formerly known as "MariGold" and "MariHube" as the innovator whose concept originated Art & Celebrity Trademarks.  She is the sole person who pioneered & protected the World Wide Exhibition Merge with Merchandising. Artists / estates she has worked with include John Lennon, Bob Marley, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Tamara de Lempicka, Ed Heck, Sid Maurer, Mercedes, and 80th Birthday Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe in Granada Spain with Sean Ferrer son of Audrey Hepurn at the Retroback film FFestival! The  honored by the opening  of the Marilyn retrospective world wide at the  “Villa Marilyn” International locations including the Hamptons, June 2012.Pepsi 2013!

She created the International trademarks marks and filings on all of the old masters from Vincent VanGogh to Leonardo DaVinci since the early 1980's. in addition to Pablo Picasso trademarks sold to Citroen for $6,000,000 just for the use of their Picasso car! Marilyn Goldberg has been awarded by her peers after 30 years at ART EXPO for the prestigious "Excellence in the Industry" Award for Art, Design and Creativity in 2008, along side Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol & Erte all of whom  of whom she represented for over 20 years and turned into International know brands! Same was created for John Lennon, developing all of the Chine collee, original Estate prints, Sculptures, Limited edition Neons, and Tapestries! She also consulted the past and new Marilyn Monroe Estate, and did all the agreements for Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe since the 1980’s which then got  purchased in 2013.  She designed the very first Guggenheim Museum gift shop in NYC and later sold the concept to International locations proving that Art Merchandise enhanced the sale and tripled the price of the originals!

MMI brings Art to the new generations with Exhibition Planning, Public Relations, Product Design, Pre-Exhibition and Press Promotion expertise. Always presented in a fresh, highly elegant, and enthusiastic way with young fashionable in vogue "MariGold" architectural detail enhancing international spaces. Marilyn is known for publishing the first Artworks of John Lennon (lithographs, tapestries, and sculptures), Bob Marley, Erte, to the estate collection of Picasso (inherited by Marina Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso.)

Marilyn’s expertise in the areas of Color Styling, Exhibition & Gallery Set Up / Space planning, lighting, and installation has been demonstrated internationally. Her Builders background, knowledge of architectural detail, and passion for Interior design has supported both companies and private owners, Museums and Galleries, with new and highly creative public appeal.  From organizing Marina Picasso’s original artworks for Exhibition Picasso At Mitsukoshi Museums & Retailers (Japan) and the original exhibitions in Taiwan, to bringing Keith Haring to Munich and exhibitions in Berlin, to working and assisting the organizers for "Catherine The Great" at the Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Tamara de Lempicka at the Royal Academy, London in collaboration with extensive Press and media coverage.

The company's philosophy has mixed it's scholarly attributes & combined artistry with an international savoir faire and humility lead by the company's President “The Total Designer.” Detailed Gallery Development & Exhibition coordination and gift stores for over 24 locations, Exhibitions, Limited signed print publications, sculpture editions, Fashion, Accessory Development, and a focus on Home Interiors and Home Living. This artistic lifestyle translates into educational delights and collectibles for all ages. After 25 years of efforts in Exhibition Merchandising Miss Goldberg introduced (AFY) Art for Youth CowParade International exhibitions so that the Lifestyle of the Artists and children's programs in Museum Gift Shops and lower school programs, live on with charitable donations. ("Everywhere I went with my father" as a child, people passing asked for his autograph - they thought he was Picasso and wanted his signature to keep as an investment) this fascinated me as a child, and so I developed and pioneered "The Art Signature Trademarks" Worldwide. (There were none.)

MariGold's passion and infectious enthusiasm originally began with The Collection Marina Picasso, and the inheritance from Pablo Picasso which was launched in the top tower Museum Mitsukoshi in Tokyo where she spent the first ten years of her business career. The 1980's, 90’s, and early 2000’s focus was for development and publication of Picasso merchandise collection for the Mitsukoshi retailers and a wide number of Japanese licensees she personally developed and designed for. Such carried through to Picasso’s 125 birthday celebration catalog Prior Miss Goldberg developed the Hakone Museum Gift Store for Masters Merchandise, in 1980's and created and or caused to have filed the Trademarks for VanGogh, DaVinci, Monet, Salvador Dali, & Andy Warhol. She designed the catalog for Frida Kahlo’s 100th anniversary.

This led to Marilyn Goldberg's (MariGold's) first developed merchandise line she sold to the Guggenheim Museum merchandise in 1985. ---after negotiating with Takashimaya; Isetan; Seibu; Daimaru groups She then made all introductions for the Metropolitan Museum to Mitsukoshi who licensed the rights for its gift store franchise to the Japanese .Marilyn Goldberg signed agreements with Andrew Decker in 1995 Chairman of VanGogh International Holland and Marilyn Goldberg endorsed his US residency in New York. She then developed the Vincent Van Gogh Trademark 1997 and Product collection in collaboration with The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and VanGogh International Holland; VanGogh International Enterprises USA.

MariGold developed the original DaVinci trademarks and art merchandise for The Leonardo Museum Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci in 1987.

Marilyn Goldberg President Museum Masters and MariGold, was the first invited guest to formulate the design and formal merchandising product development for the exhibition of “Catherine the Great “ at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg Russia, USSR, who closed it's doors for her personal tour to meet personally meet with each of the curators for the collection of each division for over three weeks. She endorsed the agreements for The Catherine the Great collection with The Hermitage Joint-Venture. It is Catherine's collection for the traveling exhibition, and that of the original Picasso collection inherited by his granddaughter Marina Picasso, which evoked a great need for reproducing the articles, and costumes designs. She discovered and photographed in a crate found in the cellar of the Hermitage the "Sleeping Models " line drawing collection of Henry Mattise which she photographed and licensed to Bruce McGraw graphics, since 1990.

Marilyn Goldberg was a invited guest by the Chinese Government in 2006 to discuss International Exhibition and Museum business and licensing and Exhibition Merchandising for China Development Groups interested in license products and franchising.

Today MMI celebrates the 2009 ongoing exhibitions of Tamara de Lempicka and spring 2009 New York Auctions of the collection Wolfgang Joop at Sotheby's.
"Lempicka is currently open now in Mexico, "Palacio de Bellas Artes" in Mexico City through August 09.

The "Palacio de Bellas Artes" (who presented the Frida Kahlo exhibition last year in honor of the 100th anniversary of Frida Kahlo) in Mexico City. The first agreements Museum Masters endorsed were for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in USA, The Royal Academy UK, La Maison Leleu (Musée des années 30, Boulogne-Billancourt),The Palazzo Reale Milano.

"The newest collaboration involves Museum Masters International of New York with the offices of Wolfgang Joop of Potsdam Germany, and support of Mr. Benjamin Doller Vice Chairman of Sotheby’s in NYC.

"We are pleased to announce that Over the past several years, the "Vittoriano Complex" in Rome has organized major exhibitions devoted to the art of Edgar Degas, Aimee Mongolian, Mantissa and Bonnard, Marc Chagall, Paul Gaugain, Pierre-August Renoir, Pablo Picasso and, currently, Giotto ".

Museum Masters International twenty (20) year representative of The Estate of Tamara de Lempicka, recently agreed to endorse a new innovative and exciting exhibition devoted to Tamara de Lempicka's work, organized by the "Vittoriano Complex " in Rome.

Queen of Modern will be held from February to 3rd July 2011.The exhibition curated by Tamara De Lempicka specialist Professor.Gioia Mori, who curated also the 2006 major show held in Palazzo Reale in Milan & the recent exhibitions in Torino, as modeled after miss Goldbergs curatorial model set up for the first one woman exhibition at the London Academy in 2004. She worked  with a scientific committee of leading international scholars and conservators in the field.

We are proud to announce this World Class exhibition at the Complesso del Victorian.

As always with the Complesso del Victorian art exhibition, the project will be under the patronage of the main national governmental institutions.

The exhibition catalogue, edited by the curator, will reproduce all exhibited works in color, and contain essays and catalogue entries by members of the scientific committee and others.

Museum Masters is the worldwide licensing agent for publications, merchandising, promotions and film.

  • MMI has been Official World-Wide Licensee / producer of the majority of international Pablo Picasso Art Merchandising rights 1980-2008. Other full programs and publications for over a decade with the company have include the rights of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Salvador Dali, Tamara de Lempicka, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet & Leonardo da Vinci.Many other international greats including the Trademarks of Salvador Dali ,VanGogh, (VGIE Van Gogh International Enterprises) Monet, Davinci, have been developed by Marilyn Goldberg President of MMI.

  •  Expert Professional Negotiations for World Class Exhibitions; and International Licensing expertise; Top Co-Brands i.e. Warhol Mercedes-Benz, Warhol Marilyn Monroe, Bernard Of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe, Warhol Elvis Presley; World-Wide Trademark Class and Copyright filing Specialists.

  • Advertising & Media: Full service advertising, marketing and design for various exhibitions, television promotion, ad campaigns, gift product and special promotions.

  •  World Wide Exclusive European, Latin-American and Chinese International Sales and Distribution Team.

Company History:
1980-2005 Museum Masters International (MMI) President Marilyn Goldberg, original pioneer of Art Merchandising, organized with Mitsukoshi Museum and Retailers a Japanese program launching the first original exhibition for the Marina Picasso Collection and developing the first Pablo Picasso “Picasso Home Living Merchandise" 1980-1996. Such featured a wide series of art related gift ceramic and fashion accessories with exquisite packaging. Museum Masters designed , created and published the first product development and gift store for Guggenheim Museum in NYC. ("All they had were books and posters" in the early 1980's. ) The Hakone Museum Exhibition Gift Stores for the Marina Picasso / Pablo Picasso Art Merchandise through 2008, and The First Old Masters (Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci,) 1985-2009. This success story spawned the development of MMI’s on-going international career, now entering its 3rd decade!

Satisfactory Legal Negotiations & Investments caused for the company’s contractual partnerships with Internationally Acclaimed Artist Estates and German company ProSeiben owned Art Merchandising and Media AG. (Marilyn Goldberg served as Board Member from 1999-2004).

Renowned names of MMI’s past and ongoing partners include: Erté, who Marilyn Goldberg worked with for ten years personally prior to his death, having creative collaborations with Erte at his home in Barbados (Sculptures, Ceramics, Tapestries, Fashion Items) Andy Warhol Exhibitions,International Trademark filings, publication of limited Tapestries Editions, Ceramics, Fashion, (Fragrance and Cosmetics), Henri Matisse, (The Hermitage Collection) of St. Petersburg, , Keith Haring (2000-2004) Original contracts sold to Art Merchandising and Media AG thereafter German Exhibitions and International Trademarks and merchandising, Salvador Dali (International Merchandising) and Tamara de Lempicka, whose European exhibition started the World Wide request from International Museum. Such major event was held at the Royal Academy, London Plans for the film "TAMARA" are under final discussion and development with the Estate of Lempicka and Atlantic Pictures in addition to Polish and Italian Sponsers.

MMI celebrates its Tenth Year of Cow Parade in Rome, 2010 Launched in Madrid, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong with a Rome exhibition and auction scheduled for 2010. Working with Artists worldwide, on the original painted cows, for the exhibitions, to developing fashion and fashion accessories in addition to the miniature replicas of the original life size sculptures .The original white canvas cows, three (3) exquisitely sculpted shapes are hand painted with incredible artistry by those talented in every country adding new young vibrant paintings soon to be recognized by the international art market . CowParade is the largest traveling Art Exhibition of life-sized cows , with Christies auctions at the end of the events benefiting Millions of dollars for Children's Charities world wide.

2012 exhibitions will be those celebrating 50 year retrospective of Marilyn Monroe.

largest traveling Art Exhibition of life-sized cows , with Christies auctions at the end of the events benefiting Millions of dollars for Children's Charities world wide.

Marilyn Goldberg and Museum Masters has been selected as COVER STORY of Hampton Fine Art "Art Hampton" 2010. See full story on "news". Her Story on The Art Of Living Villa Marilyn her headquarters has been selected as Hampton's Cover Story July 2012 recognizing the major International Achievement of Miss Goldberg's design talents and her ART of Living! Her models are used for developments world wide, in Hotels, Big Cruise Ships, and Yachts  and home, hotels, galleries  and museums in Warsaw are the next stop. Her next venues  for Lempicka Exhibitions,  after Paris 2013,Greece for 2015, is scedualled for Korea winter 2016! China for Sid Maurer Celebrity Icons in 2017, and Japan 2018
 “See Detailed Company Profile and Staff”